Tuesday 2 April 2013

We Could Look It Up in the Index File Under 'Index File'

With this being the hundredth post on the blog, I think it's about time I provided a means for people to find entries on specific books that bit more easily. So here it is.

Of course, the existence of non-playthrough posts such as this one means that I haven't yet played a hundred different gamebooks for the blog. I should hit that target in around a fortnight. Or possibly slightly later, as, if there's enough interest, I shall make my hundredth playthrough a replay of one of the adventures I failed. I've highlighted the ones I did beat in yellow, and put an asterisk after the ten I failed most quickly. If you'd like to see me have another go at one of the ones I didn't beat (except for the Caverns of the Snow Witch teaser, which would be a bit pointless, that mini-adventure being functionally identical to about the first half of the full gamebook), nominate it here before the 14th of April, and I will have a second attempt at whichever gets most votes. In the event of a tie, I'll get the casting vote.

Herbie Brennan's Adventure Game Books
Egyptian Quest
Aztec Quest *

Car Wars Adventure Gamebooks
Battle Road
Fuel's Gold

Choose the Future
Night of the Kraken

Combat Command
Cut by Emerald
Shines the Name
The Omega Rebellion
Slammers Down!
The Legion at War
The Black Road War

The Cretan Chronicles
Bloodfeud of Altheus
The Space Plague
The F.E.A.R. Agency

Fighting Fantasy
Original series
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
The Citadel of Chaos
The Forest of Doom
Starship Traveller
City of Thieves
Deathtrap Dungeon
Island of the Lizard King
Scorpion Swamp
Seas of Blood
Appointment with F.E.A.R.
Rebel Planet
Demons of the Deep
Sword of the Samurai
Trial of Champions
Robot Commando
Masks of Mayhem
Creature of Havoc
Beneath Nightmare Castle
Crypt of the Sorcerer
Star Strider
Phantoms of Fear
Midnight Rogue
Chasms of Malice
Battleblade Warrior
Slaves of the Abyss
Sky Lord
Stealer of Souls
Daggers of Darkness
Armies of Death
Portal of Evil
Vault of the Vampire
Fangs of Fury
Dead of Night
Master of Chaos
Black Vein Prophecy
The Keep of the Lich-Lord
Legend of the Shadow Warriors
Spectral Stalkers
Tower of Destruction
The Crimson Tide
Siege of Sardath
Return to Firetop Mountain
Island of the Undead
Night Dragon
Legend of Zagor
Knights of Doom
Revenge of the Vampire
Curse of the Mummy
Eye of the Dragon
Howl of the Werewolf
Night of the Necromancer
White Dwarf magazine adventures
The Dark Usurper (part 2)
The Den of Dragons

Hero's Challenge: Sagard the Barbarian
The Ice Dragon
The Green Hydra (replay)

In the Night Season (from The Fellowship of Four)
Beyond the World's Edge (from The Screaming Spectre)
The Treasure of Chungor Khan (from The Tyrant's Tomb)

Horror Classics
Dracula's Castle (replay) (as the Count)
The Curse of Frankenstein (as the Baron)

The Labyrinths of Fear
Mine of Torments

Lemmings Adventure Gamebooks
The Genesis Quest
The Hypnosis Enigma

Lone Wolf (and related titles)
The World of Lone Wolf
Grey Star the Wizard (replay)
The Forbidden City
Beyond the Nightmare Gate
War of the Wizards

Lone Wolf
Mini adventures

Marvel Super Heroes
Through Six Dimensions (replay)

Middle-earth Quest

Being Elizabeth Bennet - Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure
The Book of Wizardry
Choose Your Own Xmas
Eye of the Dragon (Dicing with Dragons variant)
Fantom Empires
Monster Horrorshow
The Regional Accounts Director of Firetop Mountain
Rescue the Princess

Plot Busters
The Cosmic Toaster

Plot Your Own Horror Story
Horror House
Nightmare Store

Prince of Shadows
Mean Streets

The Tower of Terror
The Mines of Malagus
Shinderg's Tomb
The Forgotten City
Caverns of the Enchantress
The Fortress of Kruglach
The Sceptre of the Elvenking
Treasures of the Cursed Pyramid
Lord of Chaos
The Triad of Evil
Challenge of the Promethean Guild
The Weaver of Nightmares
The Shadow of Shargan
In Search of the Lost Land
The Havarine Madness

Real Life Gamebooks
Through the Wire (replay)

Robin of Sherwood Gamebooks
The King's Demon

Sagas of the Demonspawn
The Crypts of Terror
Ancient Evil

Starlight Adventures
Island of Secrets (replay)

Quest for the DRAGON'S EYE

Terror T.R.A.X.
Track of the Vampire
Track of the Werewolf

Tunnels & Trolls
Official solos
Goblin Lake
Circle of Ice

Non-Flying Buffalo solos


  1. I'd vote for Crown Of Kings although ideally it would be a playthrough from Hills all the way to the end - something momentous for the 100th edition. Time/patience/willingness however may all be stretched for all four books so Kings gets my vote.

  2. I nominate Fighting Fantasy - Temple Of Terror.

  3. My vote is for Dracula's Castle!