Tuesday, 12 May 2015

That Don't Leave No Time Left to Play

Apologies for the lack of updates here of late. I haven't given up on this blog, but there's currently a lot going on in other areas of my life, keeping me from giving it much attention.

Much of this is good stuff. I have an actual job again - only part-time, but that's still much better than being unemployed. Thanks to this blog, I've also become a playtester for some new mini-gamebooks (unpaid, but worthwhile). That does, of course, take up a lot of what time I do have for playing gamebooks, as it takes multiple attempts at an adventure to make sure it all hangs together (or identify the places where it doesn't and help fix them). Then there are other interests and responsibilities, friends and family...

It doesn't help that the next playthrough for here is for another gamebook that takes a long while to complete successfully (and, thus, could also take a significant time to fail, depending on how close to the end I get before reaching a bad ending). I've made some progress in it, but I doubt that I'm even half way yet. Would readers be interested in split playthroughs (as I did for Slaves of the Abyss) if taking 2+ posts to get through an adventure meant that updates here would become less infrequent?

Anyway, I hope this reassures anyone who's still keeping an eye on this blog that I shall be continuing with it. I promise not to leave it so long before the next update.