Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Here Comes Another One

As the title may suggest, I'm something of a gamebook fan, and since accounts of attempts at gamebooks seem quite popular at the moment (see Fighting Dantasy, Gamebook Geek, Turn to 400, May Your Stamina Never Fail and Fight Your Fantasy, for example), I've decided to join in with the fun.

If 'join in' is the right way to put it, as I've been posting playthroughs of Fighting Fantasy adventures at the unofficial forum since 2009. But I'm up to date with that series now. Except for the mini-adventure in the most recent Fighting Fantazine, and since I wrote that one, writing a walkthrough of it would be something of a giveaway.

Still, having spent a significant amount of time over the past few years recounting my gamebook-playing experiences, I felt like doing some more. So I'll be replaying the lot.

That's not all, though, because I own well over 200 gamebooks, some of which I haven't yet actually got around to playing. Consequently, I shall be alternating between FF and the likes of Tunnels & Trolls, Lone Wolf, Proteus, Grail Quest and at least a dozen other series.

Most of the time I will be playing strictly by the rules, even in the knowledge that that may make for extremely short entries on some titles.

That's the introductory waffle over and done with. Some time soon I shall start on the interesting stuff, commencing with a T&T solo that will remain nameless for the moment, as its title may well attract the wrong kind of attention from search engines.


  1. Welcome to the gang - looking forward to your posts :)

  2. Looking forward to them. It seems to me that even in a fairly easy adventure, it could easily take several attempts to work out how to win if you don't know the adventure already. And what about a hard one like Creature of Havoc? How many by-the-rules attempts would it take to win that book if you didn't know the solution (or parts of it) in advance? So a single attempt might mean that you miss much of what is wonderful about it. What do you think? I appreciate that doing a try-each-book-till-I-win-by-the-rules would be very difficult; we'd be stuck forever on Crypt of the Sorcerer!

    1. I fully intend to replay books I don't get to do justice to on my first attempt. Still, with a couple of hundred-odd in my collection, it's likely to be a while before I return to any.

      Oh, and Crypt is the main reason I said 'most of the time' about playing by the rules. I have something special in mind for when that comes up. But that won't be for a while, what with it being preceded by (at the absolute minimum) 25 standard FF books, the Sorcery! series, Clash of the Princes and the mini-adventures from Warlock and White Dwarf. And that's not even mentioning the non-FF stuff I'll be playing in between those.

  3. Crypt of Sorcerer deserves something "special". Most ridiculous gamebook EVER!

    Anyway, I must compliment you on penning one of the best, most entertaining gamebook playthrough sites. I especially enjoyed the references to the Clue movie and The Prisoner series.